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Our Story

At Evervibe Fits, our goal is to make you feel good and look good with our stylish and functional line of apparel. Whether you are working out or running errands, we are committed to our quality, such that they have been tested, tried, and true to hold up with your physical activity. We take pride in developing high-quality, stylish clothing, that's made in the USA. We have now incorporated some imported apparel, however, the majority of our line is made in the USA. For those with allergies, our clothing is stored in a pet-free and tobacco-free environment.

This journey started with a personal one. Initially, Evervibe Fits was a spontaneous idea after being frustrated with certain brands’ return policies and apparel, which was not very functional or nice fitting. Tired of trying new brands and lines for gym wear, as well as dealing with non-existent return policies from shady online shops, I decided to conduct research and develop my own line that would be both stylish and functional. I was determined and empowered to figure out a solution—and thus, Evervibe Fits was born.

I became committed to testing our Evervibe Fits apparel. We test our leggings with HIIT (high-intensity interval training) exercises. HIIT is a more vigorous exercise, so if our products can withstand this, which includes jumping, good mornings, squats, and more, then I find them to be a win for myself and others alike. We strive to have apparel to accommodate low to high impact activities. We also do offer some styles specifically for fashion and strength training days. As I wore my brand, I felt empowered and I felt good about the fit and how I looked in it. I loved the way it made me feel. I wanted others to feel this too. 

Customer feedback has also been a motivation for me to continue moving forward. My customers expressed how confident and beautiful they felt with what they purchased. With their support, along with my family and friends, it grew on me the importance of small businesses. I began connecting and collaborating with small, woman-owned businesses. My passion to support these lead to my dedicated Support Small Businesses Saturday and Shop Small Businesses Saturday. With the free time that I have, I enjoy featuring small businesses on my social media and saving them for others to see and support. 

Soon after, I felt the true impact of women supporting women, and empowered women empowering women that I transformed my social media content to be more meaningful and impactful. In addition, I have helped develop a network of women supporting women equally. Evervibe Fits has become so much more than apparel. 

We value our customers and we are especially open to input to help create apparel that vibes with you. We value body and ethnic diversity and try our best to represent a wide range of women with our styles. Feel free to contact us, if you would like to be featured.

Thank you for supporting this small, female and minority-owned business with quality apparel crafted mostly in the USA. 

Cybill a.k.a. Cyb